GoDaddy Discount Codes – Instant Coupon Savings

I often have renewals, hosting, backorders or domain purchases at GoDaddy. When the time comes, I usually visit domain forums and search the web to find a coupon code to use.  I had some GoDaddy renewals coming up and have been collecting various coupon codes I’d like to share with readers of my blog. Most of these codes came from the Namepros forum thread for godaddy codes:

FLOCK299 – $2.99 .com registrations
GETORG599 – $5.99 .org registrations
GDBB776 – $8.67 .com and .org – maybe more
FB30TLD – 40% off your purchase
GDX912A – 32% off your purchase
EMFB7 – $7.67 .net & .org registrations
GDBBA776 – $3.19 privacy
GDX347DE – 35% off .tv & other purchases
PAINT599 – $5.99 .com registrations (First 1,000 redemptions)
WORLDWIN – $5.00 .com registrations
LKSWDD495 – $4.95 .com registrations
FB30TLD – 30% off your purchase
GDA547 – $7.68 .net & $8.67 .com
GFNF4ID03 – $4.95 .com registrations
EMFB7 – .net registrations
BACON3 – unknown discount

Hope these codes can save you some money on your GoDaddy purchases! Let me know if any codes have expired & I will edit this post.

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