End User Communication Tactics I Use & That Work For Me

As promised before, I would like to share with readers of my blog what end user tactics I use on a daily basis for contacting people to do a domain purchase. The emails I send, the phone dialog and the motivation I have to find key points in securing a domain name sale. I am not a broker & I only push the domains I own for sale at this time. In the near future, I will be posting a thread about buying your domains for cash & perhaps there will be broker opportunities opening up soon. All I know is that this selling system I have built works well for me. So don’t lose hope & with a little elbow grease, you can be on your way to making a bit of cash from your domain names you’d like to sell.

*First off – please note that I have made my best domain sales from my whois info & placing my domains for sale at Sedo and forums.

I like to determine if domains I own / offer for sale are of good Quality & caliber to attract a sale. Usually if a domain makes sense to me, it will also mean a lot to a buyer. I like to cover all grounds. but sometimes I have been surprised to have an offer on my domain via my whois listed email. For this reason, I would recommend that you list your contact info in your whois & stay away from privacy. I get a lot more sales from direct navigation & my whois email. This usually leads to a nice sale if the domain is of good quality & an end user absolutly has to own it.

When I acquire a domain name, I have this simple system setup:

  • Stage 1 – Domain is acquired via backorder or private sale. (94 – 120 day wait). Park at SEDO with a BIN price set.
  • Stage 2 – Domain is matured over 4 months time & escalated to email promotion.
  • Stage 3 – Domain is matured to over 8 months time & escalated to phone & email promotion
  • Stage 4 – Domain is dropped if it cannot become sold.

I like to hand write all of my personalized emails & make them each very unique. After research I find a lot to write about a business. I try to connect as best as I can with my potential buyer. I try to understand a little more about their business & condition my talk & email appropriately. I don’t try to get to attached to a particular sale until I see the money transferred & paid. I like to float among a middle ground that the sale can mature into a transfer for both parties or it can be a dream which never materializes.

I think your pricing structure will have a lot to do this.. If your pricing per domain seems fair & just – you will secure a sale. If you are a dreamer expecting a huge price tag, you can expect less inquiries about your domain name for sale. You can also assume that people will not take you too serious. If your price is set to what an end user may expect to pay, then you’re aligning yourself better for an instant sale.

Here’s my example email that seems to motivate a buyer to at least inquire back with a yes, possible or no response for over 10% of my delivery count.

Hello [Decision Maker],

I am writing to see if you may be interested in purchasing the website url: [MYDOMAIN]. [MY DOMAIN] can be an easy way for you to attract more customers and make your business more visible. [MY DOMAIN] is an easy to remember website that you can develop or direct visitors to your main website: [YOUR DOMAIN].

The asking price for [MY DOMAIN] is only [$PRICE]. I encourage you to take advantage of this offer and instantly put this website url to work for you. You will benefit from new customers that will find your business on the internet by using search engines & direct navigation.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to discuss this further. This is a one time email & you will not receive any other emails, so there is no need to unsubscribe from a mailing list. I found your website from a Google search & decided to contact you about this great offer.


I like to also follow a similar dialog when contacting end users via the phone. Here’s a list of questions I ask directly & apply my general knowledge of sales & customer service.

Phone call dialect:

Hello Mr/Mrs/Miss FNames LName

I am calling to let you know that the domain name / website URL: [MY DOMAIN] is for sale. We are offering this premium / liquidated / on sale domain at the price of only: [$PRICE]. I recommend you use this domain name for:

  • More visibility to your customers
  • A better grip against your competiors using the same keywords for one domain.
  • Checkout cart & supllier to buyer interaction using technologies at hand

So you can basically talk to an end user buyer or company to buy into your domain & offer more simplicity for certain terms the company uses.

So far we’ve gone over tacticts to sell domains, and etc, but it will really boil down to these two items:

1.) Hang on the phone or via emails until you secure payment etc for the domain. This is the best way to secure a sale.

2.) If the sale seems to be falling through, Get a call back number or avenue to communicate further with the customer.

I cannot express enough about hanging on the phone during the full checkout / buying process.

That’s all I have for tonight on selling domains, I hope to add more posts about this subject soon. I have a lot of experience to offer on the subject & helping you sell major domains fast. Comments are open, add what works for you in your domain selling process.

Happy Domaining!

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