– Backorder Service For Serious Domainers

I am proud to offer a new service I have brewed up. The website: WindycityNames is in beta which offers a full list of domains that are in pending delete with stats and a backorder service. You simply pick the domains you’d like to backorder & click the add to cart button. Once payment has processed, the domains you picked will be instantly added to the queue and we will attempt to acquire them for you.

You’ll notice that the website sorts the top pending delete by these stats:

Domain Name – The domain that is expiring

Words – The words the domain contains

CPC – The cost per click the domain may receive from clicks

PR – The current Google pagerank the domain holds

SV – The monthly search volume the domain receives according to Google

EX – Count of other domain extensions taken

ADS – Number of sponsored Advertisements the domain may display

Expires – The date the domain will expire & become available

WB – The year / WayBack machine originally indexed the domain

TM – The percent of trademark risk the domain holds

Alexa – The alexa rating of the domain name

DMOZ – If the domain is listed in the DMOZ directory

The price is only $14.99 per domain & we will attempt to register the domain for you. If we can’t register the domain on your behalf, you will be issued a refund. If the domain registration is successful, then you will be charged $14.99 USD per domain successfully captured. If more than one person backorders the same domain name, then the domain will enter into an auction with $5 increments. The first backorder will be the winning bid unless if other bids are made. The bids will take place over email & the final bid in the 72 hour window will be the winner of the domain.

The domains listed on is limited to display .com & .net domain although the service is open to all domain extensions. If you’d like to backorder domains that don’t appear on the homepage or other TLD’s, please use this form: Backorder Domains

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We hope this service will soon come out of beta available to the general public for use. Your feedback is appreciated.


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  • Roma says:

    Hi Dan,

    Will you catch domains into your own account somewhere first and then push them or do I need to open an account in a certain domain registrar and give you the details?

  • Roma says:

    One more question: is there a difference in terms of success rate between using the service and buying a software that you’re selling?


  • admin says:

    Hi Roma,

    Yes, the domains will be caught into our main accounts & then pushed to your account. It is free to create an account at the registrars we work with. Once a domain is secured, we will push the domain to your account.


  • admin says:

    Hi Roma,

    There is not much of a difference as we are using the same technology, but we hold multiple accounts at each registrar & utilize the same software customers can buy to secure domains. It boils down to luck & having more accounts helps grab the domains our customers request.



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