Comparing Drop Catching Software & Registrar API’s

This article is to cover the drop catching software I sell & questions customers often ask. While each registrar is different and has a different API, I will cover how the popular ones work & each registrar’s API strong / weak points.  To go into detail about what drop catching software is & registrar API’s, I’d like to explain that I write software which you enter expiring domains into. The software is meant to be run during the drop window – which for .com & .net domains occurs between 1pm & 2:15pm CST. So you would take your daily list of expiring domains & stuff them into a text file. You need to enter one domain per line & save the text file with any name you’d like. You would then open up the drop catching software or multiple instances of the software depending if you have multiple accounts at a registrar or choose to use multiple registrars to catch the drops.

Customers who have purchased my drop catching software often ask these questions & I’d like to answer  the top asked questions here:

Q.) Does your software work on a Mac  / Apple computer?

A.) The software was written to work on a windows based computer or a server. The software will work on macs, but it requires that parallels or similar software be installed. We don’t offer support for IOS devices at the time, but we’d like to add an app to the AppStore soon.

Q.) How many tries per domain do you get via a registrar API?

A.) Depending on the Registrar API, you can get up to 100 domain registration attempts per second.  Each registrar is different & we’ll outline them below.

Q.) Is the software hard to understand & use?

A.) The software is very easy to use. You simply provide a droplist into the software, enter your account info or API key & hit start. Some registrars require setting nameserver & years to register each domain, but most don’t require this.

The main question I receive is which software / registrar works the best. The question stems from which registrar will allow me to pack in the most amount of attempts in the least amount of time most efficiently. To answer this question, I have developed this cheat sheet:

Drop Catching API Comparison Chart
Registrar Pause Limit Domains To Register Success Rate
Moniker API 1 Second 100 Maximum Best
Dynadot API 1 Second 1 Maximum Medium
Dynadot Non-API 4 Seconds 100 Maximum Better
Enom API 1 Second 1 Maximum Low Success
Fabulous API 1 Second 1 Maximum Better

Overall, Moniker seems to be the best choice, although some customers prefer registrars like RRPProxy for catching cctld domains. It really depends on what you wish to catch and what tool can be fitted best for you.

Notice that there is a Dynadot API & non API tool.  The non API tool uses the manual checkout pages at dynadot to secure the order & you can actually use both the API & non API tool at dynadot with the same account side by side.

ENOM’s API disabled during the .com & .net drop catching window for catching domains via namejet for their own drop catching & backorder customers.

Let me know if you have any questions about the software & I will get back to you as soon as possible. I would recommend using multiple software titles for the most effective drop catching success.

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  • Absit Vita says:

    How does your software work on Ubuntu?

  • admin says:

    Hello Absit,

    The software works great on ubuntu server – all flavors. However if you use the desktop version of ubuntu, you will need to have a server setup on a localhost setup otherwise the software won’t work on ubuntu desktops as a standalone web app.

    I hope this answered your question.


  • jeff says:

    Are you still looking for any testers for your drop projects?

  • Danny says:

    Thanks for your interesting articles here – this is an interesting comparison.

    Does your software use drop order lists to help it increase the chance of registering a name successfully?

    Also, have you ever considered making a server side software, that a user install and set up on a cron? Because of better network connections in a data center, it would increase the chance for a user to have a successful result.

  • nukem says:

    Where can i buy your script?

  • Where says:

    Where can I buy/test your software?

  • Alan Dodd says:


    How would your software do say against godaddy backorders?


  • Hello. I am with Saw this article via the newsletter. I did not see our company listed in the report above, but I would certainly put our API up against any others in terms of speed and success drop-catching. Quite a few drop-catching platforms are now using our API and experiencing great success. Very easy to setup and many have told us that our speed and reliability cannot be matched. We are not resellers and integrate directly with the registries, and have built our platform with speed in mind.

  • Mike Tom says:

    If someone backorder a domain at Namejet,Can your software beat it?

  • Bob says:

    I noticed GoDaddy and Sedo were not compared. Is it because they don’t allow the use of this software?

  • admin says:

    Hi Bob,

    Correct, GoDaddy & Sedo don’t offer a domain registration / drop catching API. Therefore, I am unable to create software for SEDO & GoDaddy. I do know that GoDaddy’s sister registrar: Wild West Domains has an API, but last I checked – it was not intended for drop catching domains & hammering it to score catches. I hope this helps.


  • admin says:

    Hi Mike,

    If a domain receives a backorder at NameJet, the software I sell will not be able to beat it. It may on a very rare occasion, but it’s likely it will never beat a namejet backorder. The software is geared more towards domains of lesser quality & those that don’t have any backorders at NameJet, Snapnames, Pool or others.


  • admin says:

    Hi Michael,

    Thank you for the comment. I wrote a tool to integrate with your registry a while back. I don’t have a account to catch domains into, but I would be happy to give it a try soon. It’s great to hear that your API stacks up to the rest & that your company is proactive to mention your API platform. I will make sure to mention your API to potential buyers who have a account & that your customers have found it to be reliable & fast.


  • admin says:


    The software has beat GoDaddy’s backorders in the past on several occasions. Lately GoDaddy has gotten better at drop catching by utilizing other registrars it owns to catch domains for GoDaddy’s backorders. I haven’t compared, but I would assume that GoDaddy may beat my software. However, depending on how many Moniker, Dynadot or etc accounts you use, it is probably still possible to beat GoDaddy’s backorders with a good success rate. It’s just that the average domainer will try to compete with one API key / API account & that won’t be good enough usually. The more advanced users with multiple accounts will stand a better chance.

    I hope that answers your question.


  • admin says:


    You can purchase the software from this link:

    I am running a special on the software for only $79 USD for: Moniker, Dynadot or Fabulous.


  • admin says:

    Hi Nukem,

    Purchase script was posted above in the comments. Good luck with your drop catching.


  • admin says:

    Hi Danny,

    The software I have for sale at $79 per copy doesn’t use the drop order. I have been having success personally with the drop order lists & integrating the catch attempts during the domain’s drop window. I will be looking at combining the software with the lists and offering a package deal soon.

    I do offer server side software & all the titles found at are available as server based for drop catching.


  • nukem says:

    By server based you mean a script where one should upload on their server and run it by cron?

  • Hi Dan,

    Sonds great. Let us know how your experience goes when you have time to give our API a chance. I think you will like the results.

  • admin says:

    Thanks Michael,

    Are there any requirements to qualify for using’s API? Any prepayment or domain quantity / portfolio requirements?


  • admin says:

    Hi Nukem,

    Correct, I offer custom coded software that can be used via a web GUI or cron tab / job on a PHP enabled server.


  • admin says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I will shoot you an email as soon as I need a tester. Thanks for your interest in the drop projects.


  • Carlos says:

    Purchased the software today and placed 9 domains into the list. I picked up 5 of the 9. I did not pick up my number 1 choice but was able to get 2,3,5,7,8.

    The domains I picked up were obviously not premium domains, those would go through services like Pool, NameJet, SnapNames and so on. But I did pick up some good domains and it beats sitting there and refreshing the screen. The software serves its purpose IMO.

  • admin says:

    Hi Carlos,

    Thanks for the feedback & I’m glad the drop catching software is working out for you. Thanks for your purchase & I hope it helps make your drop catching easier.


  • Hi Dan,

    No prepayments, no requirements. Any user account can utilize our API completely for free. Just create an account, and then go to the API Manager page where you can generate an API key. If you would like to test anything, we also have a sandbox available. If you would like access to the API sandbox, just send an email to and we will reply within 24 hours with sandbox credentials.

  • Vladimir says:

    Hello, are you still running the $79 special on Moniker Drop Catch software or NameSilo? Also interested in your daily drop list w/drop times. Does the daily drop list include all registrars? Cheers mate!

  • admin says:

    Hello Valdimir,

    Yes, the $79 sale continues for both the moniker & namesilo software. You can find the checkout links within each post. You can subscribe to the daily drop order lists via the website: The lists are for all registrars – since the list contains all “pending delete” domain names.



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