Monitoring Pending Delete Domains For Who Got What

I am looking to scale and expand my personal drop catching strategy. For a while, I was laying low & working on selling my current inventory instead of adding to it. I like to warehouse domains & have stock available. Sometimes a domain buyer will specialize in a niche & I happen to upsell an additional domain or more for profit. As I am prepping to setup shop again & catch expired domains, I decided to monitor what’s going on with my picks & see who catches from my wishlist.

I had a long list of drops I thought I may chase & try to catch. I lowered my list to a small handful of drops I thought might get backorders or spark interest among other drop catchers. Here is my list that I thought were decent & the outcome of steady strides I am noticing. I like to trend my drop catching on my gut feeling so my drop lists may not match your criteria and or seem off the wall. However, I tend to stick with what works for me & produces consistent sales for me.

Yesterday I sought out finding drops that I liked & thought I’d monitor to see what kind of tools I’d build to try & get an upper advantage over my competition.

I pursued to draw interest to these domains in particular:

Overall this short list came from around 50 domains I hand picked based on specs & stats like CPC, extensions taken, if they sounded right & if they had other stats.

So after the drop, I decided to invesitgate the status of the domains and see which domains were still available & which gained drop catching attention. So far, as of writing the domains I suspected as becoming dropped & available was somewhat correct. I noticed that the domains: & were not picked up on the drop & remain available. However, the rest of the list was picked up & here’s the results of what I found: – Drop Catcher: DOMAIN BAND, INC. (SnapNames Catch) – Drop Catcher: DOMAINNETWORK.CA INC. – BELLNAMES.COM ( Catch?) – DropCatcher: DOMAINUTOPIA.CA INC. ( Catch) DropCatcher: DOMAINNETWORK.CA INC. ( Catch) – DropCatcher: ENOM417 INCORPORATED ( Catch)

It was a bit of a relief to see that Andrew Reberry from seems to not have appeared in my drop catching study. He continues to hoover vacuum cleaner domains
into his warehouse pool of inventory. Perhaps others are finding methods to drop catch domains more efficiently and at an affordable cost. Or perhaps the drop catchers are holding a better chance at fighting against the regulars.

I expect to expand my reports further and include longer lists of domains I target & catch. I still feel that the treasure in the drop lists is in the drop catcher & future domain buyer’s eye. With due diligence, you will find that there are a lot of domains that drop & can be profitable as low as registration fee. The list above may have been a bit short listed & I know that backorder zone has been the new Reberry kid around the block. Time will tell if it pans out & to what degree they can sustain a healthy market, reliable customer base & integrity to be a piece of the drop catching pie. I can see the drop catching software continues to work, but the level of domains registered seems to fluctuate between good & bad at a reliable rate.

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  • Marco says:

    It is always interesting to see who is picking up dropped domains.

    You are right on the money when you say Andrew Reberry is vacuuming up dropping domains – to the tune of about 1,000 a day if you look at data. This is one of the biggest things going on in the domain space but one that goes under the radar since they are regfee pickups and not news-making auction purchases. However, Reberry and his Huge Domains are absorbing a great deal of the supply of decent two-word dotcom’s that drop every day. I wonder why no domain bloggers really write about this, though I do recall a piece Jamie Zoch did a few months ago on it.

  • admin says:

    Hi Marco,

    It will be interesting to see how long this activity remains under the radar. I think there’s more awareness out there and competition for Andrew. I hold respect for the parties mentioned. If you have a system that is profitable, then an average of catching 1,000 domains a day would make sense to me too.


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