New Drop Catching Technology Tools Right Around The Corner

New drop catching tools will soon make their way to We have a lot in store to focus on getting more drop catching users engaged with expired domain drop catching API’s and registrars of all kinds. The software is easy to use, backed by years of experience and allows you to schedule your drop catching activity.

For those of you who are not familiar with the term “Drop Catching”, this refers to catching expired domains in pending delete status. Between 55,000 – 80,000+ (.com/.net) domains expire each day. It’s a wild goose chase to who gets what and the more API’s on your side, the better your chances.

New to be added to dropking comes the namesilo API: offers a cheap solution to register domains at a cheap price and they are favored by a lot of domainers. Namesilo has been a favorite and around the block for a while.

Next is

Namecheap has an easy to use API that will integrate with the line of drop catching tools. Namecheap offers spectacular pricing and cheap domain registration discount codes.  This API addition will be a win/win for namecheap customers who plan to drop catch.

Beta testers are welcome for these new tools coming up. Please keep in mind that the above API’s have been a little hard to work with in regards to send random API requests that ghost expiring domains with blind requests.

The tools will soon integrate with the drop order lists to avoid sending more than a handful of attempts for the domains you want. More to come real soon! We’re looking to bundle the packages and make your drop catching as efficient as possible.

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  • Andrius says:

    This namesilo version looks interesting, I’ll probably give it a try. Only one thing bothers me now, do I keep spending ~18$ with each godaddy backorder, or do I get your soft and then register domains for 10$ cheaper?
    Would be nice if you had demo version of your soft to understand how it works, what options do I have regarding time between registrations etc.

    Or at least handful of screenshots which would tell me the same :)

  • admin says:

    Thanks Andrius, there are a very limited number of users to this API so we’re not sure if it’s a great solution for drop catching domains. However, it is another connection to catch expiring domains – so updates will come on the way soon! So far, this API is catching for one user, but not sure how it will pan out for multiple users. More updates & screenshots as you suggest will be on the way!!

  • Jay says:


    I have been considering your toolsas i am spending a lot on backordering services.
    I was wondering how rhese compare to dynadot backorders in terms of success rates?

    The other question is how you figure out the start and end times? Sorry if thats a noob question, but never having used software before it is not something i have had to consider.


  • admin says:


    Dynadot’s API & the like will not compare too well to the backorder services that have hundreds of registrars under their belt. So registrars like Dynadot who have one or a handful of connections will not do as well as eg Snapnames who have hundreds of registry connections. While every registrar stands a good chance, it’s the luck of the draw of who gets the domain & the more connections, the better. That’s where registrars like Snapnames & Enom will focus all their strengths on domains that have the most backorders & usually win.

  • didik says:

    I really wish you will added namesilo api software to your dropped catch mate, i bought your dynadot api and non api recently, and it’s work great..

  • admin says:

    Hi Didik,

    I do have namesilo drop catching software available. I will be posting about it soon & how it uses the dropcatch api command.



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