Drastic Price Cut – DNMeter.com – Drop Order & Times

I have been running a service over at dnmeter.com for years now that offers domainers an opportunity to peek into the future and determine an approximate time that a .com or .net will drop in. So far the service has been very successful. My members agree that although the sort is a little different, there seems to be domains popping right & left that are qualified as resealable domains.

I often got scrutinized about the drop order secret & how precise etc. While everyone tries to make it like a secret formula, the secret is that the list is released by Verisign. It is handed out to all accredited registrars via ftp download & the files are updated nightly. Often times the service fails for a day or two every 6-8 months & we’re left listless, at least in the past. That really proved that the registrars didn’t have a crazy formula to predict the drop order.

Overall I have been frowned upon for releasing the dnmeter.com lists in drop order with an estimated time stamp. That is why I was charging $149 per month subscription for the same lists. I had a talk with the current members & although these lists are worth their weight in gold, I am happy to offer the full drop order with estimated drop time for all .com & .net domains dropping daily. The price has been cut down to only $29 per month.

I had a good chat the other day with Dutch Boyd (Las Vegas)- Ultimate Poker Champion & Domainer. He felt like if the dnmeter.com price was right, everyone would jump in. I expressed my concerns about leaking the info, for a cheap price, and he encouraged me to test the market. If there is a need for these lists, then cutting the price from $149 ot $29 monthly should prove successful & helpout more domainers.

Hope Dutch’s theory proves right & sorry Dutch if I trumped you at all on your domaining mission. I really appreciate the advice & respect you have for my blog. Hope it helps enlighten more domainers about what we do everyday. I totally respect your goals & have blogged about the markets & liquid assets even at a casino level which seems to be banned in the usa for now.

To all readers of this blog, starting now & for a while the dnmeter.com subscription fee has been dropped down to only $29 per month. You get a free month to test it out or ask for a refund. Most domainers appreciate the spread between the domains they want & when the domains actually drop. Plus awareness that there is a drop order

Pending Delete Drop Order $ Time

Pending Delete Domains

Hope this helps more drop catchers out there!

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  • J says:

    I found your blog the other day and have tried to read most of the articles. Thanks for the wealth of info you are giving away for free. I’ll definitely try out the dnmeter service (especially now that you’ve lowered the price!)

  • Josh says:

    What do you find is a good spread to use when catching based on timestamp in the DNMeter list? I’m building a tool to catch my selects and have a smaller spread makes more efficient use of the various API limits.

  • admin says:


    I base my spreads on domain metrics. I short list the domains that I want to chase and I use the DNMeter list to give me an index as to the position of each expiring domain.



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