Pending Delete Domains In Drop Order & Drop Time

Back by popular demand, I decided to open up: again. This is the ultimate tool for drop catching expiring domains. Get the insight before the drop happens as to what time each domain will drop. It totally takes the guesswork out of the equation. Now you can view the daily drop list with the domains chronologically sorted & an estimated drop time next to each pending delete domain.

I took down the site originally because the info had leaked out & it was spreading like wildfire. There was a paying memeber that quickly spread the lists as I published them.

Now, I invite you to a free 1 month trial. Yes it is a paid site, but you can enjoy the lists for free until Halloween (Oct 31st 2009).

To checkout the daily list, visit:

Username = afterlife
Password = afterlife

Your feedback is welcome on the accuracy of the drop order & times. From top to bottom you’ll notice my drop order lists are dead on. The time a domain actually drops based on my time predictions may vary by seconds – 5 mins.

So go check it out & have fun! The list is updated daily at 11PM CST / Midnight PST.

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