Why Do Domainers Blog? What’s up with it?

I feel there are 3 main purposes why domainers setup personal blogs & “blog”:

1.) To copy news feeds & try to compile stats about their domaining knowledge.
2.) To brag about the next thing or current events that will lead to the “next reaction” Including their sales
3.) The diehards who know certain “secrets” that no one else has figured out yet & have no support from others – other than hate.

I classify myself as #3. And so far I am still in business. I am not a huge domainer, but by my post counts at the forums – don’t cut me down to a nobody.

We’ll see how long this “blog” stays up in business after current events take place. The best place to try to position yourself is to be a #3. Then after you position yourself with your knowledge, the proper domains or technology is to try & pitch a sale & execute it – including all the diligent labor to make both parties happy & put cash into your pocket.

#3 is often skewed as a “given” factor but it’s not. If you do it long enough, it can become fulltime.

Then concentrating on the “next person” to read your posts, buy what you have to offer. Or what would the “domaining” world like to hear next? Not the same news, but instead.. Unique news!

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth. What do you do all day? I work fulltime & I manage to blog & domain.. Always setting new foot steps for the “next” domainer to follow with ease. That would be my response.

I am anti-blogging. Twitter gives me a headache & facebook gives me friend requests I don’t want to deal with. Being a social butterfly in person or on a blog is totally different from trying to mix new friends with your habitual tasks.

I just want to do my thing – meaning: A.) Compile a comprehensive drop list, B.) Schedule my tasks & C.) go for the kill. I find it amusing that others don’t do #3 because they feel someone will snipe their domains. Or they don’t have the knowledge.

IMHO – knowledge or skills are not necessary in domaining. It’s purely based on luck & the next buyer’s outcome that happens. What will you do next?

Where will YOU be tomorrow? Where do you really want to be tomorrow, in 1 yr? in 5 yrs? 10?

I feel like blogging is more of a vent then a commodity. Hope that changes around the community soon.

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