When You Suck At Web Design, Just Give Up.

Yeah, you read / heard right. If you are terrible at web design, you need to throw in the towel.  Recently, I tried to “design” up an end user report. First off, “End User Reports” don’t exist yet. Second off, I have a lot of info that plain out looks too crammed. Third, I am color blind, which helps me make some of the coolest designs – or some of the worst clashed color junk.

I am giving up with this report. For now, it will be all text only – separated by dashes & symbols displaying the useful info.

I was hoping to be able to add a nice logo EndUserGenie.com Slogan <connecting domain owners with end users>. Then I tried to create a header / footer layout with 2 tables 300x300px in the middle. Then no footer & 4 300px boxes below the header. Uggh, Other than wasting 8+ hours on it in the past 2 days, I am back to the chipping block.

I may hire someone to do the design for me if it doesn’t “click” in my mind & I pull it off. But in reality, time is money & money is time. If I had paid someone the $30 or whatever it would cost to manipulate the data – I could be investing my time & talent into more drop catching technology.

I’ve already experienced these failures in the past. I sometimes get lucky & design something really cool – but probably fail & end up hiring someone after all.

Something to keep in mind too is that a professional web designer has more creativity & tactics.He or she may view your project in a different & bring it to life for you. Hope that happens for EndUserGenie asap.

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