Using Antique Drop Data To Find Gems & Follow Domaining Trends

As I have written before – I started up the domain: Mostly it was a project that started off as a way to find antique expired domains. Especially expired domains with traffic and valid google pagerank. Well the project has really taken me by surprise. I am convinced that by simply creating an organized and searchable index of antique drop data – I can register valuable domains.

The secret lies a few main things. One being that all the info packed into the database consists of drop data that someone once regged & it dropped. Second being that the older the data is, the quality of the drops gets better. Older dropped domains just make a lot of sense. If you compare today’s junky drop lists with those of years ago you will see what I mean. The aged drop lists now are full of available domains that were just forgotten about.

Years ago, domains would simply just “drop”. There was no DRT software or domainers checking stats on the drops. There’s old drops that still get traffic! There’s also many that sound great and still hold value.

I am noticing domaining trends in registering domains and the drops. Mostly just popular phrases back on 2003 & with history and events. These trends relate to domaining because as of around late 2006, there was a surge to purchase domains that started with the letters: “DN”. Before ’06 there was not a lot of domains which began with “DN” – Example: DNStuff, DNSales similar examples. This trend to this day has been a domainer’s favorite. Other trends include spikes in bingo & lotto related sites (as laws changed I imagine), news, events and celebrity figures in the news. To wrap up my trends topic, the biggest trend has been post 2002. Pre 2002 has quality drop lists & data. After 2002, there has been a huge spike consistently growing of garbage  registrations and drops.

Here’s some sample data I have collected. I have not been drop catching the live pending delete domains lately because I am acquiring domain names via historical drop data. Here’s an example:

For this example, I am searching only up to 4 years ago. I am also searching aggressivly. I am only interested in .com domains which must contain words, no numbers or hyphens. The search pattern I am using is the domain must start with – keyword: “Domain”.

The results are as follows. These names caught my eye & are available for hand reg:

Sorted By: Domain Name, Drop Date, Status & Days since each domain has been available.      11-Oct-2008      Available      299 days      13-Oct-2008      Available      297 days      16-Feb-2007      Available      902 days         07-Jan-2009         Available     211 days     03-Jan-2006      Available     1311 days     14-Jul-2006      Available     1119 days      21-Jul-2006      Available      1112 days     24-Jan-2009      Available     194 days     06-Jan-2009      Available     212 days      10-Oct-2008      Available      300 days      02-Jul-2007      Available      766 days

So there you go. Imagine mixing around various keywords like Forex, Mortgage & Money.. So on.. the keyword combinations are endless to find great available domains. The best thing is that someone already did all the work for you ;) – Someone at one point has owned the domains at AntiqueDrops & dropped them.

Have fun with your domain acquisitions.

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