Latest DNKO.COM Domain Auction Tweaks Added

Last night, I pushed out more tweaks to DNKO.COM.

1.) DNKO now shows the full sales history. Since the first sold domains to the latest, you can view the full list by clicking the sales history link at the top:


I know the sales aren’t the best & that it will take time for DNKO  to “mature”. However, the sales history will be an easy way for visitors to view the sales going on over there. Plus it helps to add the appropriate reserves to your domains (if you plan to auction them @ dnko).

2.) Another tweak added is the capability to host $1 reserve auctions – with an eBay style bidding mechanish. Basically offering a hidden reserve for the seller, who would not be forced to sell if his or her reserve is not met. It should help drive up the bids to see what the bidders are offering to pay. Also, with this system, if the seller’s reserve is met, he is forced to sell the domain to the highest bidder.

3.) More wording around the site to explain how the timer works. The DNKO 60 second auctions are meant to filter domains. The ones that noone wants to buy will last only 60 seconds. If the domain is good & bids come in, the timer will be reset back to 60 seconds. So technically an auction could last a while – depending on the reserve & bids, resetting the timer back to 60 seconds over & over again until bidding is done.

4.) The Prebid link was changed to: “Prebid & Vote”. Your votes at DNKO will only change the positions of the domains. The voting is not meant to vote domains to auction, but instead the placement of each. Mostly all domains submitted (other than trademark & adult) domains make it to the DNKO auctions. After being approved, you can vote on the position they are auctioned.

5.) Bidder certification. Bidders must now become certified to bid.  By default, all users become certified to bid & sell domains. However, if you fail to complete a single transaction, Your account will be flagged & you will be penalized with bad trader feedback. Credit card or PayPal authorization. Your thoughts are welcome in improving this system.

More tweaks & changes to come. Most importantly, DNKO needs advertisement & promotion. I am not going to sit here & ask you to spam the forums in hopes of advertising the auctions. I would recommend you don’t do that! It seems like domain auction competitors are also facing the same issue. DNKO is free – pretty much I am paying for everything out of pocket. I am not in a hurry & understand it will take months and years to help the auction site mature.

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