Coming Out Of The Wood Work.. Back To Drop Catching

Wow, I am just amazed at how this blog of mine keeps reminding me.. Hey Dan, you have to update me.. lol.

Hey, but you can’t say I didn’t warn ya ;) Things have been busy at my fulltime job. They require a domainer to step back from domaining & give them undivided attention. The payback is great. You get the job done, things work & everyone is happy.

I would never domain at work & have to wake up hours before my real job & setup my drop catching scripts.

Then during my lunch, I have to resist looking up what I did or didn’t catch. It’s always a good ride home from work nonetheless.. Even if I didn’t catch squat.

Now that things have leveled off at work, I will be back to my regular drop catching. I am about to take a dive into 57,271 drops dropping in 12 hrs approx. Good thing I can filter the gems.

Good luck in your drop catching!

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