Busy Busy, Sorry for no updates – new acquisitions

Hey everyone,

I apologize for not being active on my own blog. I have been super busy & working close with Rob Monster from Epik.com to migrate & merge technologies.

Rob found me through this blog & I am sure happy he did. His ideas & my ability to create new & driven technology is a great mix.

What do we expect? Basically to match markets. Weather it be B2B (domainer to domainer), Portfolio holder to end user buyer, or a spontaneous educated match to find a domain a new home, the sky is the limit!

It’s a great example of a previous post I made about motivating yourself to get up & “do the work”! Noone else is gonna make it easy for you & you just have to try. And try harder over & over again until you succeed at what you do best.

Filling voids is not easy, but needed. I hope you take the initiative to do the same. I’ll be here to back you up & continue to share my drop lists. I will also build on to this blog as time permits to make it a tool you can treasure for your own drop catching.

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