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Hello friends,

My name is Dan Ramirez. Many of you know me as “Expron” across the web development and domain forums. I wanted a central hub to collaborate with you all my drop catching secrets and tips. Plus keep you in the loop since I always have a handful of lol projects going on. Like just recently I have been working on a site called Printsy if you’d like to check it out.

First off, many of you may be wondering, well who is Expron – what does it have to offer that I don’t know? Well the truth is that from web development to domaining, you’ll find unique bits and pieces of information you can use in your everyday activities. From web development, programming to expired domain drop catching.

I admit that most my topics will be related to expired domains, drop catching and the 60 second domain auction I run: DNKO (Domain Knockout). Truth of the matter is that I have stopped developing for others. I work for myself only and pioneer new things. I have been blessed with the ability to catch quality domain names & build tools. I enjoy catching expired domains and gaming building useful websites & tools.

So grab a fresh cup of coffee, relax & let’s get started. I don’t hold anything back and while that seems to piss a lot of people off, I am glad to help you in anything I can. I will be sharing my personal drop lists here and don’t mind if someone else grabs the same names I am trying to catch. My main focus is to build a community. This community of drop catchers can one day become the biggest drop catching group against the bigshots. We can join forces and make an impact on the domain market.

I hope you enjoy your stay & come back often. I don’t have a life other than domaining about 14+ hours each day.I eat, sleep & dream domain names. I catch good names that are worth more than reg fee & have the tools to filter the best. I expect to update this blog frequently, so check back often. Any league of legends questions, let me know – that’s what I’m here for.

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Thanks again & I will see you around.


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  • Mike says:

    Great blog Dan! Keep it up.


  • Amed says:

    hi – i have a question for you
    My domain will drop within 2 days – I want to know how to relclaim it or catch it, its not much of a name but I need it for long term use
    my email is provided

  • admin says:


    Sorry for the late reply. There is often a mis-understanding when your domain will actually drop. To answer your question, let me put this as simply as I can.

    If your domain is in “Pending Delete” check the whois: updated on: Date. The domain will drop six days after the last update. All .com & .net domains drop at: 1pm CST / 2pm / PST & EST on the 6th day after they enter pending delete & the “last update” date changes.

    So if your domain is in pending delete, check the whois & find the last update “date” then add 6 days to that. The drop will happen then. If there is not much speculation on the name, you should have a nice window – to hand register the domain @ your favorite domain registrar for $8+- that they charge.

  • Domain Name Industry Participant says:

    Hello Dan – I would like to ask you a quick private question, but I could not find a Contact Us page on your web site. If you would be so kind as to reply to this message via email, or post up a way to contact you on your web site, I’d appreciate it. I am a domain name industry professional and just have one quick question and will not waste your time. I just sent an email to the email on your WHOIS, but that does not always go through to the owner of the blog so I am trying here as well.



  • Emil says:

    Hi Dan,
    Do you know any good domain management software/services? I´m using Domainpunch, today.

    // Emil

  • admin says:

    Hi Emil,

    I sent you an email. I hope we can find what you are looking for to make your domain catching more of a success.



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