The API & How to catch expired domains.

As many of you are aware, I develop a desktop application that utilizes the Dynadot API to instantly register domains names. I started development back in early 2008. I sold – or um, gave away my first copy of this software to a fello NamePros member. You can read about his experience with Dynadot API here.

I guess the biggest secret to catching domains is to monitor what you want & then go with it. As you can imagine it is a shore to try & enter your domains list manually into Moniker & Dynadot’s interface. Then you have to hurry & keep refreshing the page over & over again. Then what happens when you score 0 out of 10 domains you wanted? You face giving up, or burning yourself out for tomorrow.

Well, I take all that guesswork, exhaustion & hairpulling out of the equation. All you have to do is load a list of domains into your drop catching program & schedule the start and stop times. Then get back to your everyday stuff. Check back and see how many domains you captured.

Here is the screenshot of the application:

Dynadot API

Dynadot API

This made my drop catching simple from day one. I simply load the domains I want to catch, enter my Dynadot API key & click Start.

I return a couple hours later & notice gems appearing in my account. Successfully registered by this little tool I made.

The options you have are great. Ranging from catching .com & .net to .org, .info & .us. Look for more posts here on my blog & I will share with you the expired domain drop times & order.

So are you ready to save a lot of time & stress? Just let this drop catcher do all the work for you! designed their API in such a way that this program will effectively register valuable domains into your account. Just login & instantly have access to the domains you captured.

But it doesn’t end there. To find out more, click the image above. This post is intended to be informative, so I will leave the sales pitch out :)

Here’s common questions and answers regarding the tool:

1.) Can your tool beat snapnames, pool & namejet?

1a.) No, it cannot. If an expiring domain has multiple backorders at either place, they will attempt to register it with hundreds of registrars. This tool works on domains with 1 or zero backorders.

2.) If you can’t beat the professional drop catchers, then why should I buy this?

2a.) You would use this tool to capture domains that you would otherwise backorder. So let’s say you normally backorder 10 domains a week, that is approximately $600 a week you would be spending on 10 domains. Now imagine popping in those same domains into this tool & registering 3 out of the 10 domains @ only $7.75. approx each?

3.) Can I catch a or with this desktop drop catcher?

3a.) Nope. If you ever caught a with this tool, snapnames would buy out instantly. 4 Character or shorter is usually the professional drop catcher’s threshold for valuable names. Then dictionary words & combos.

4.) Then what can I catch with your tool expron?

4.a) There are various domains that become expired under the radar. With so many domains dropping daily, there’s not one person that can put an estimated value on all the drops. My tools are self-helping. If you already have quality lists of drops, give it a try. If not – then keep reading my blog. I don’t mind sharing at all.

Good luck in your drop catching!

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