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I caught 2 .TV drops last night! Where are they now?

I was drop catching two domains for a buddy. One was a real gem (possibly trademark), while the other was a simple typo with a lot of potential. First off, I have to mention that .TV domain extension drop catching is a lucrative business.  Second off, I don’t believe there is a reliable .tv drop […]

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Fighting The Expiring Domains Drop “Hype”

Yep, I have said it once & I will say it again. Sometimes domain backordering and selecting domains.. can leave you with buyer’s remorse or worse yet.. a DUD! Here’s a short list of domains that are available to hand reg: WORLDISCOVERYTOUR.COM TRADINGJOKES.COM CANDYHUNT.COM DIZZING.COM PIMPDRIFT.COM TOPLOSERS.COM EASYTUNED.COM CASHLOTTERIES.COM It goes to show that after […]

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