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Today’s Drop Catching – Nothing!!

I was going after 2 sweet domains: and! I armed myself with the necessary tools & didn’t chase anything else. I prefunded multiple accounts across all these registries: (API & Non-API) (API) Enom (API & Non-API) RRProxy (API) (Non-API) As soon as drop time hit! I nailed all the registries […]

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Today’s DNKO Auction @ 5PM CST

I hope you can join us today at the DNKO (Domain knockout) auction! The auction boasts a sleek 60 second timer which gives all the domains a chance to get bids. As the timer counts down – if a bid comes in, the timer is brought right back up to 60 seconds again! There is […]

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Do you use Mozilla FireFox as your favorite browser?

firefox, mozilla,

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